What mobile massage types do our therapists offer?

Mobile Massage Types

In general there are a few types of different massages, they focus on different parts of the body and which include the therapist applying pressure to the muscles and joints.

Rubbing and kneading the body by a professional therapist can ease tension and pain in the body.

mobile massage types of woman laying on blue textile having neck massaged by a massage home service therapist

These are a few popular mobile massage types people book, there are more options in our booking system.

Safety is always a top priority, the therapists are all qualified professionals.

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Here is an explanation on Wikipedia about the different types of massage services.

Swedish Massage

Good for people who are new to massage as it is a gentle type of full body massage, it can help with the release of tension and muscle knots in the body.

The therapist will use the following with this type of massage: 

  • Pressing the body
  • Strokes in the same direction as blood flow
  • Deep moving circular movements

Deep Tissue Massage

Good for people who are used to massage, more pressure is applied than a swedish massage.

The therapist will use the following with this type of massage: 

  • Slowly stroking the skin with deep pressure to remove tension from the deep layer muscles
  • Deep tissue massage is more intense but you won’t experience any pain or soreness afterwards
  • Avoid if you find pressure too sensitive

Sports Massage

Sports massage is good for people with a repetitive sports injury to a muscle, maybe from playing a sport, such as football or rugby.

If you’re prone to injuries this can be a good option as it can help prevent further sports injuries in the future.

Sports massage can be useful for giving you more flexibility in certain muscles that give you pain during your sporting activities, this can help in your overall sports performance.

The therapist will use the following with this type of massage: 

  • This can be a full massage or just concentration on the injured areas
  • A combination of deep pressure and soothing strokes

Prenatal Massage

A safe method for pregnant women to get a massage.

This type of massage is great and can help reduce an aching body, reduce stress levels, and overall release of muscle tension.

At Work Massage

This can either be performed on a massage table if your office allows, or in a chair for release of tension in the head, shoulders and neck.

This type of massage is great for both employee and employers as stress release also helps with production in the office.